viernes, 6 de junio de 2008


He is Georgio Moretti. he is a famous singer, he is Italian and he is 32 years old. Mr Moretti comes to the angence with Mrs Evans. Mrs Evans introduce all the integrant of this agence to Georgio. The first person is Marey, she is a receptionist and she is from Paris, the second person is Bob, he is travel agent but everbody calls him Roberto and finally Georgio know to Paul. he is a town guide and he sings one of the Georgio's songs

Offer Introduce SomeOne

A:Whos That?
B:Over there?Her name's Kate
Come. I'll introduce you

B:Lauren.I'd like you to meet Kate
A:Nice to meet you Kate
C:Nice to meet you too

A:Well, I think we must go to the classroom
B:yes,Kate are you in my class?
C:no,i'm not
A:yes, so she is from my class
B:ok,yes i didn't remember that you told me that
C:whold you like to go to the Shopping Center after class
A:yes.,i am
B:yes,i like this an exelent idea
C:ok, see you.... bye bye!!


1.-Computer Programmer




5.- Photographer


miércoles, 28 de mayo de 2008

Fire in the disco factory


A fire at the Factory nightclub, located south of Quito The incident, which began around the 16:30, would have been caused by the use of lights flare inside the club, while around 300 people enjoyed a rock concert and other minors between 15 and 17 years of a party with disc-jockey, all in the same local diversion. A member of the rock band almost at the end of the concert fired a flare light to the roof, which generated the fire.

Relief agencies were continuing yesterday with the rescue efforts.

People with mild burns and other first and second grade were transferred to the Hospital of South, the Villa Flora clinic, hospital Eugenio Espejo and Pablo Arturo Suarez. The mayor of Quito, Paco Moncayo, was present at the scene to hear about the fire.

According to the head of the Fire Department of Quito, Jaime Benalcázar, About 300 people were inside the disco when the fire Factory

Approximately some 30 people were with burns and had to be transferred to various centers of hospital care.

Introduce to your classmate

Create a class new sletter with photos to indroduce your classmate.

My name is Jean Pierre, Im 14 years old, Im from ecuador,Im student at the Liceo Naval,Im a fan of "Barcelona",Im a happy guy i like talk to my colleagues, I also like watch TV, playing videogames, listen to music of "Arcangel" and I also like read, Well thanks all
bye bye!